Flexible Investments Help Address Bank Transfer Problems

As brokers, wealth managers and financial advisors in certain South American countries know, sometimes making an investment transaction happen meets with obstacles where least expected; specifically at the bank holding their clients’ funds. Bank transfers have become increasingly more frequent in nations like Argentina and Brazil, for example, both of which have been beset by various economic and political challenges. While some of their problems have begun to dissipate, there are still issues surrounding bank transfers. This is when working with investment distributors that can offer a good selection of flexible term products can become especially valuable. Investments, for instance, that accept credit card and/or crypto currencies are an effective way around bank transfer issues. In regions where the nation’s currency is also experiencing high volatility, directing clients to use other payment methods can be sound advice. When impending elections are creating additional havoc for financial and investment transactions, having more options can be advantageous. Consider the October 2018 election in Brazil.

An Election Following an Historic Recession

Brazil’s general election, which will include a vote for a new president, is coming on the heels of its worst recession and one of its largest corruption scandals. Some of its financial indicators have been recovering. Borrowing costs are dropping, consumer purchasing power is improving and consumer price increases are slowing. Still, a lot of uncertainty remains.

As recent as September 11th, the Brazilian markets slumped following news of an opinion poll’s results showing the leftist candidates were favored. On the positive side, a poll back in the spring showed Brazilians were confident that they had at least a 50-50 chance that a market-friendly candidate would win the election. Regardless of this optimism, many banks are still making some cash transfers difficult and Brazil’s currency problems persist.

So, in a nation that boasts multiple cities with the most millionaires in the world such as Sāo Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, being able to access investments with flexible payment options for these high-net-worth individuals, helps position wealth managers and financial advisors as being resourceful and responsive.

Market-Responsive Opportunities and Terms

At MIGAM, we offer our partners access to investments that provide multiple opportunities based on an investor’s risk tolerance, financial situation and goals. From easy applications, secure portals and other digital tools such as Web Apps backed by data protection agreements, we’re all about meeting your needs as you strive to serve the best interests of your clients. From our Wealth Friends investment plan and Wealth Insuring’s six actively-managed insurance funds, to our World Class Brands Portfolio Strategy, Eljovi Multi-Strategy Fund, Eljovi Indian Arbitrage Fund and Family Office Fund, we’re focused on providing high quality investment opportunities for your clients delivered with easy, flexibility and solution-oriented terms.

Mike Welter is the Director of Migam Globel, an international provider of premier investment, insurance and family office products and services such as Wealth FriendsWealth InsuringWorld Class Brands Portfolio Strategy, Eljovi Multi-Strategy FundEljovi Indian Arbitrage Fund, and the Family Office Fund. Connect with us on LinkedIn or on Twitter at @GlobalMIGAM.

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